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BD Sweet


Cold Processed Can Sugar

Biodyne BD-Sweet utilizes unpasteurized sugar paired with calcium to help build cell walls, help stimulate root and leaf development, and help uptake and activity of other nutrients. BD-Sweet supplements/feeds the microbial populations and is designed to help the plant process applied pesticides along with supplying critical nutrition to the plant.

BD-Sweet can be used in-furrow at planting with other crop protection products, fertilizers, and biostimulants. BD-Sweet can also be applied with foliar fungicides at the VT (vegetative tassel) growth stage in corn and R1 and R3 repro-ductive growth stages in soybeans. BD-Sweet can be applied multiple times during the season for an energy / nutrient source to crops has been shown to improve yield in both corn and soybeans.

BD-Sweet is a cold processed cane sugar product that is a best-in-class product, fits into the Biodyne family of products and gives us the best opportunity for increasing plant health and higher yields.


Cane Sugar is a Humectant (prevents plant moisture loss) and helps foliar applied fungicides stick to leaves, especially during reproductive stages. The sugar component also helps feed the applied or native beneficial microbial populations.


Helps the plant heal from environmental injuries (i.e. foliar tissue damage from hail, insect and/or varmint dam-age). Calcium also plays a role in microbial cell development and proliferation process.

BD-Sweet is dosed at 1-2 pints per acre in-furrow or foliar for corn an soybean crops. Can be used with crop protection products, fertilizers, and biostimulants