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micronutrient mix


Give your crop the micronutrients and capabilities needed to maximize crop production with BW-BALANCE micronutrient mix. This product is designed to deliver an optimized ratio of micronutrients for crops under high production demand. It reduces effects of stressful conditions that can decrease yield. It's formulated for use with fertilizer solutions as a supplement to a well-balanced fertilizer program. Including BW-BALANCE in fertilizer applications before or at planting delivers the most benefit, since effects of micronutrient deficiencies are most damaging to young plants.

Product Benefits

  • Broad spectrum of micronutrients
  • Corrects for micronutrient deficiencies in soil
  • Meets crop reproductive micronutrient needs to maximize yield
  • Chelated for fast, easy mixing
  • Minimizes stress-induced crop damage and premature ripening
  • Easy to use in nearly any foliar or pesticide application