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SG Advance

Give your crop the extra energy and protection it needs to achieve top yield with SG Advance (3-4-7) powered by Biodyne foliar spray. SG Advance is an exciting new foliar product that combines several technologies designed to both feed the plant and protect it simultaneously. With beneficial microbes, amino acids and sugars this N-P-K blend is designed to be a balanced macronutrient foliar feed and the specialized micronutrient complex gives enhanced plant health. Fortified with Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Boron, Iron and Molybdenum, diseases are held at bay for a longer period of time when these nutrients inside the plant complete their designed function of enhancing plant immune systems. Guaranteed Analysis: 3-4-7, Total Nitrogen 3% (Urea Nitrogen), Available Phosphate 4%, Soluble Potash 7%, Boron .7 %, Manganese .2%, Zinc .5%

SG Advance at work.

With SG Advance (3-4-7) powered by Biodyne you will have sufficient levels of nutrients and carbon sources to secure better plant health, which is critical in attaining high yields.

Indiana Grower
“We saw a significant yield increase when we applied SG Advance as part of our foliar program on soybeans. You could visually see a difference in the overall plant health.” (Click on image for larger view)