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We revolutionize the power of
30 Years

Experience the power of our proprietary microbes, enriched by over 30 years of cutting-edge research and development.

4 Million

Biodyne's microbial team powered by Environoc has been boosting productivity for growers on over 4 million acres across the nation.

100 %

Proudly made in the USA, our microbial teams are 100% natural with diverse, proprietary strains that have been proven to deliver countless benefits.

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Partner with us

Our innovative services deliver measurable results across a range of markets, giving you the edge you need to maximize your profitability.

Biodyne, was committed to my success. Their targeted approach ensured the integrity of the products and their team works closely with you from start to finish. I chose Biodyne for a partnership that fueled my business growth and increased my customers' profits.

John K.
Logansport, IN

After observing the impressive results, I firmly recommend utilizing Biodyne's products for treating wastewater.. If grease and hydrocarbon troubles are prevalent in your area, their advanced technology is ideal for effectively managing wastewater. Trust me, as an expert, I strongly endorse Biodyne to maximize your municipality's sewage management.

Brian J.
Brighton, MI

I've finally found a microbiology product I can rely on with Biodyne - consistently. Not only that, I've got an outstanding team supporting me and my sales team. Their cutting-edge technology and innovative approach is truly a game-changer in this field.

Mike W.
Oklahoma City, OK