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Biodyne's Microbial Team Technology.


As a science-driven company, Biodyne goes above and beyond to challenge the status quo.

At Biodyne, relentless innovation, experimentation, and data analysis drive us to forge pioneering solutions that conquer today's toughest challenges. With a squad of devoted specialists, we're on a quest to reshape science and leave an enduring mark on the world. Our Microbial Production Process is proprietary and honed over three decades of in-house R&D, setting us apart as trailblazers. ENVIRONOC, our revolutionary Microbial Team Technology, stands unrivaled, reshaping industries at their core.



Introducing our powerhouse microbe blend: the ultimate hydrocarbon degraders. From benzene to xylene, ENVIRONOC 101 annihilates them all. Revolutionize bioremediation for soil, sludge, water, and beyond. Say goodbye to petroleum contamination with ENVIRONOC 101.



Master organic breakdown with our selected microbe teams in ENVIRONOC 201. From terpenes to tough chemicals, these powerhouses handle it all. Revolutionize agricultural residues, slash specific pesticides/herbicides, and purify wastewater. Bioremediation at its boldest.

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Tackle waste challenges head-on with ENVIRONOC 301. Slash sludge, conquer odors, and manage waste economically. Our liquid biological solution boasts a dynamic blend of dozens of naturally occurring microorganisms. This powerhouse team turbocharges waste degradation, putting nature to work for you. Elevate your Livestock Waste Management with ENVIRONOC 301 today.


ENVIRONOC 401: Unleash Nature's Team for Thriving Plants. Our potent microorganisms, naturally diverse and GMO-free, turbocharge soil-plant synergy. Elevate growth and productivity/ Boost beneficial microbe colonies, optimize rhizosphere harmony for premium growing conditions, and amplify nutrient release.


Turn your crop residue headache into a profit boost. Introducing Biodyne's ENVIRONOC 501 Biological Stubble Digester. Our high-concentration blend of over two dozen naturally occurring, non-GMO beneficial microbe strains gets the job done. Say goodbye to wasted investment dollars and tire damage. With ENVIRONOC 501, you're primed for a more profitable planting season and reduced equipment wear.

Case Studies
Case Studies