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Breaking New Grounds in Discovery

With a strong focus on isolating unique strains and our deep and wide scientific understanding of our microbe capabilities our research and development teams work diligently to address real-world problems that our customers are grappling with.

Three decades of active involvement in biotechnology has led to powerhouse products, consisting of our microbial team technologies. Our microbial families are best-in-class and we are very proud of the positive environmental impacts these products have made.

We are creating new standards in the industry, together we can make a better tomorrow.

Why Choose Biodyne?

Proprietary Microbes

We isolate and produce our own microbes that are not genetically modified and are safe around plants and animals.

Quality Control

We take a comprehensive approach to quality control and make use of our DNA capabilities to further our understanding of microbiology.

Rigorous Testing

With a variety of testing procedures in place, our products are put through rigorous scrutiny to ensure their effectiveness.

How Can We Help You?

Tell us about your next project and see how we can harness the power of microbes together.