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The Story


For over 30 years Biodyne has been working to offer meaningful solutions through microbiology that make an impact on the environment. By focusing on data-driven technologies, our team of innovative professionals aim to revolutionize the power of microbes for environmental applications to make a positive impact in this world.

Our difference is the ability to deliver results quickly, cost effectively and responsibly while maximizing sustainability. We are a leader in environmental sustainability solutions that make positive impacts on people, our planet, and our future.

The Promise

We deliver on time and in full.
We provide consistent, reliable microbial technologies.
We push the boundaries of sustainability.


At our core, we are innovators. And while we've achieved a great deal, we know there is still so much more to be done. We stand poised to revolutionize entire industries by expanding upon the possibilities of microbiology. Excellence isn't enough for us - we want to set the benchmark for others to follow. Our legacy is just the beginning.

The Team

At Biodyne, our commitment lies in revolutionizing the industry with cutting-edge innovations that benefit both our customers and the world at large. We're on a mission to transform the ordinary and bring forth ground-breaking products that inspire change. Meet the team that is making a real difference in the microbiology industry.

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Gil Farley

President & Owner

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TJ Weir

Owner & Vice President

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Tanya Soule, Ph.D.

VP of Microbiology

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Bodie Kitchel

Director of Agronomy

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Garth Farley

Chief Technology Officer

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Grant Farley

Production Assistant Manager & Business Development

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Abram Beard

Microbiology/Chemistry Technician

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Josh Pawlak

President of Marketing

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Alycia Lundblad

Research Microbiologist

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Zach Biddle, M.S.

Fermentation Scientist

Haley Cook, M.S.

Research Microbiologist

Tony Hoch

Bioprocess Engineer

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The Facility

Visit Our Lab

We employ state of the art technology, technicians and cutting edge resources to facilitate our best-in-class microbial consortiums. Our team is dedicated to the science behind our current and future technologies and we utilize lab techniques to foster groundbreaking research and development.