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tired of traditional farm nutrient programs that aren't effective?

Look no further than Biodyne. Our microbial team technology, powered by Environoc has been utilized on millions of acres of American farmland to increase crop vigor, improve nutrient efficiencies, mitigate abiotic stress, and improve soil resiliency. #BetterBiology



Developed over 30+ years of research, our proprietary microbes are naturally occurring, non-pathogenic, and non-GMO. Our production method is vertically integrated, meaning, we control every step of the process from isolation, identification, fermentation, and formulation.

Quality Assurance

We take great care in ensuring our products are viable, safe, and ready to provide positive impacts on the environment. Our quality control processes and protocols are best-in-class.

Scientific research

We understand that our microbial team technology can make nutrients already in the soil more available to plants, thereby allowing the potential for external nutrient reductions.

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I've finally found a microbiology product I can rely on with Biodyne - consistently. Not only that, I've got an outstanding team supporting me and my sales team. Their cutting-edge technology and innovative approach is truly a game-changer in this field.

Mike W.
Oklahoma City, OK
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Try Biodyne and see the difference for yourself.