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Ensuring Your Crops Don’t Have A Bad Day


Growers are some of the greatest problem solvers. They constantly are asking themselves questions on how to improve their farming practices and management decisions.

The first question on many growers’ minds is often, "How can we make this better?" This is usually reflecting on increasing the yields of their crops. Questions may stem into, "How can we enhance crop vigor?" Or, "How can we increase plant nutrient uptake or even how to reduce plant stress?" All of these questions play a role in the ultimate performance of the crop and can increase profits for the grower.

As growers across the country are answering these types of questions, we are seeing an increase in the utilization of in-furrow technologies. As input prices continue to rise and become a pain point for many, farmers know when looking at their ROI, they need to be putting inputs into the exact location needed for the plant to thrive, creating a higher yield and higher profit.

With Biodyne’s advancements and innovative approach to the crop nutrition playing field, we have a product that provides those same in-furrow benefits without needing the in-furrow technologies or capabilities. Enter BD-Biocast.

BW Bio Cast W1

This product has benefited farmers across the country as its focus provides biological diversity in all fields, helping the native and applied microbes in the soil grow and be readily available. This ensures the plant has what it needs, when it needs it. BD-Biocast will go to work for you by maximizing the plant's nutrient intake through increasing its root mass.

Environoc 401 is a popular, well-used product that is included in the makeup of BD-Biocast. It acts as a key component by utilizing its beneficial microbial consortium along with organic acid complexes. A major benefit of BD-Biocast is that it can be applied in a variety of methods and pairs well with any crop nutrition program.

Farmers are constantly thinking about their crops, whether they are in the growing season or not. BD-Biocast can give them relief knowing that day in and day out it is quietly working to benefit the plant and its performance.

If you have questions or want to learn more about our product offering, visit our products page or call our sales team at (888) 970-0955.