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With a diverse team of beneficial microorganisms present in high concentration levels, ENVIRONOC 401 is a natural way to promote the fundamental relationship between the soil and plant. The microbes that make up this robust team are not genetically modified, non-pathogenic, and 100% naturally occurring. 401 with its diverse population of beneficial microorganisms ensures the soil and plant are able to efficiently work together to maximize the plant’s growth and productivity. 401 allows you to:

  • Establish larger and more diverse populations of beneficial microbes in your fields
  • Optimize the rhizosphere with a more robust and efficient plant and microbe relationship to improve growing conditions
  • Improve nutrient release and management through microbial activity, enhancing overall soil productivity

ENVIRONOC 401 averages over 5 years: Multiple Trials in Multiple States

ENVIRONOC 401 at work.

Indiana Grower
“Although I was skeptical, the benefits from Biodyne’s products were there to see. From consistent emergence, larger root balls and a healthier stand. The yield increase was great and my soil health was improved.” (Click on image for larger view)