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seed treatment


ENVIRONOC Seed Treatment is a breakthrough technology delivering a 100% natural viable biological team of beneficial microbes, promoting a quick and sustained germination process. After germination this microbial team continues to provide a host of benefits to the growing plant by enhancing the fundamental relationship between the soil and the plant. Biochemical signals (enzymes) are given off by this all-star microbial team communicating with the plant, invoking a more robust root mass and vigorous plant, helping to maintain its strength and endurance.

  • Enhance germination promote emergence and stand optimization
  • Optimize the rhizosphere, a more robust and efficient plant and microbe relationship promoting a “forgiveness factor” for growing conditions


The results from the tests show enhanced germination with the use of ENVIRONOC Seed Treatment (detailed be-low). Tests were performed on both Treated Soybean Seeds (fungicide and inoculant) and Untreated “naked” Soybean Seeds. Not only did seeds treated with ENVIRONOC show strong germination in ideal conditions (Warm Germination Test) but par-ticularly seeds treated with ENVIRONOC Seed Treatment showed significantly better germination in cold/wet conditions (Cold Germination and Saturated Cold Test) with stronger roots.

Microbe capabilities include: nutrient release enhance-ment, surfactant production, vitamin production, degra-dation capabilities, hormone production, and siderophore production, to name a few. (Click on image for larger view)