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Reduction of sludge, odor management and the economical disposal of livestock waste are real issues affecting your operations. Let ENVIRONOC 301 help. ENVIRONOC 301 is an easy to use liquid biological product comprised of a versatile team of several dozen unique strains of fresh, viable and 100% naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms. The 301 team of beneficial microbes thrive by accelerating the biological degradation of animal waste. By using ENVIRONOC 301, you will be unleashing the power of nature to enhance your Livestock Waste Management processes.

  • Significant odor reduction
  • Solid & sludge reduction
  • Improved manure nutrient value, Stability and soil absorption
  • Effective and easy to use, a safe and natural way to manage manure

Degradation of “common” organics in wastewater, Reduction of grease and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) for odor reduction.

Reduced BOD, COD, sludge, grease and hydrogen sulfide in WW and collections systems, Waste and odor reduction in Animal cultivation and Animal rearing operation, Reduced grease in restaurants, food preparation and processing facilities that lead to excessive pumping, line plugging and odor, Improved performance of septic tanks, drainfields, and recovery of fouled Absorption fields, Water clarity enhancement and organic muck layer reduction in aquaria and ponds, biological treatment of drains.

E301 product working on butter to demonstrate the efficacy in breaking down FOG (Fats, Oils, Grease)

ENVIRONOC 301 On The Farm | Indiana

For one month, the hog pit was treated as directed with ENVIRONOC 301, and delivered these results.

  • Nitrogen, Total TKN increased by 27.5% (Independent Laboratory Tested)
  • Signifcant odor reduction
  • More efficient pump out and reduced labor due to reduced sludge layer and overall “gravy-like” consistency of the pit contents versus crusting as was typically seen prior to treatment