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The Secret to (Microbial) Success

At Biodyne USA, we bring an innovative approach to crop production by focusing on soil health and the fundamental relationship between the soil and the plant.

The soil is teeming with life, as microbes are designed to efficiently feed the plant. A microbe, or microorganism, is an organism of microscopic size and can be classified as fungi, bacteria, archaea, or protozoa. In healthy soils, there is a diverse population of these naturally occurring microbes promoting plant health and vigor.

For over 30 years Biodyne has been focused on understanding naturally occurring beneficial microbes and the role they play in soil health. This focus on research has allowed us to leverage the power of known naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms to improve the health of agricultural soil systems. In most cases conventional agricultural practices have disrupted natural systems, resulting in poor soil microbe plant interactions and causing productivity to diminish.

Healthy soils have cycles; the soil feeds the plant and in return, the plant feeds the soil. A critical part of this cycle is having living microbes near the plant's roots. A healthy, diverse microbe presence will lead to a larger, thriving, productive root system which leads to an overall healthier and higher-yielding plant.

Healthy and productive soil systems are alive and are designed to feed the plant. Although this soil/plant relationship is complex, the simple truth is that this fundamental relationship is made possible through beneficial microorganisms. Our research and experience have shown that by establishing and maintaining a diverse population of beneficial microorganisms, the soil and plant will efficiently work together to maximize the plant's growth and productivity.

In addition to improving agricultural soil systems, Biodyne has leveraged our expertise to manage green waste (plant residue/stubble) digestion, livestock waste management, industrial wastewater remediation, and the clean-up of chemically contaminated sites.

We understand the power of beneficial microorganisms and have perfected the creation of microbial-based tools to generate positive outcomes around the world.


Microbes found in a teaspoon of healthy soil

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