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Biodyne lab quality control

Quality Comes First

Our products are made in the USA and consist of 100% natural, highly diverse, proprietary microbial teams with proven beneficial capabilities providing economical solutions to a variety of environmental applications and agricultural production systems.

For over 3 decades we have focused on the production of naturally occurring beneficial microbial products to guarantee that Biodyne is a reliable partner for your agricultural and environmental application needs. Our innovative production processes are purposefully designed, based on decades of rigorous scientific development, to ensure our beneficial microbial teams deliver every application.

Unlike others in the industry, Biodyne fully controls the creation and production of our microbial products in-house at our facilities here in the USA. This starts with the isolation and validation of an individual naturally occurring beneficial microorganism’s capabilities, the creation and validation of an assembled team of diverse microorganisms, the fermentation (production) of the microbial team and ends with the delivery of the final product.

Every step of this process is rigorously managed by Biodyne’s team of highly skilled scientists, who are subject matter experts and verified by independent laboratories. This process ensures the reliable delivery of our innovative microbial team technology and is the primary driver of our success.

"With Biodyne's innovative technology, I can increase my farm profitability by implementing a program that is both easy to use and profitable."

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Bob W
Iowa Corn

“Once we start a brew, it is watched meticulously, start to finish. We’re checking agitation levels, dissolved oxygen percentages, color, clarity, consistency.”

Biodyne USA globe
Michelle Wells
Biological Lab Manager
BW Fusion

"There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the results of your hard work on a farm, and Biodyne has been my secret weapon for years. I have used their products on various crops with excellent success rates that are repeatable each year!"

Biodyne USA globe
Travis B

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