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Biodyne Microbiologist Team

Harnessing Microbial Power

Biodyne’s success in harnessing the power of naturally-occurring beneficial microorganisms is backed by over 30 years of independent research and development. We deliver innovative biological products that drive progress through agricultural and environmental applications.

Our thorough in-house quality assurance testing provides a constant flow of new information for our team. With each product we manufacture, we uncover new data and insights to help guide us toward the next solution we can provide for our customers. The innovation never stops.

Three decades of active involvement in biotechnology has led to a powerhouse team of over two dozen microbial families we are proud to offer in each of our products. We isolate and evaluate beneficial bacteria and fungi for desirable environmental capabilities. Naturally occurring microbes are screened and selected for their special degradation or stimulation capabilities. Promising strains are assembled into products that can have a beneficial impact on the environment.

Biodyne also isolates and produces our own microbes that are not genetically modified and are safe around plants and animals. Used alone or when pairing microbial blends with other specialized technologies have resulted in successful projects and sustainable systems around the globe. The development of these new microbial strains has resulted in successful projects and sustainable systems around the globe. These strains have powerful results on their own, but they can also be paired with other specialized technologies to strengthen the impact on their environment.

Our products are made in the USA and consist of 100% natural, highly diverse, proprietary microbial teams with proven beneficial capabilities providing economical solutions to a variety of environmental applications and agricultural production systems and our technologies are trusted to support millions of acres every year.

"Because our teams of bacteria work together in harmonious symphony for the plant at all stages of growth, every time we run tests we find new things that we can do. The capabilities of our microbial teams and the way that they are put together is endless."

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Michelle Wells
Biological Lab Manager
BW Fusion

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