Who is Biodyne USA?

Family owned and operated, Biodyne USA is an environmental biotechnology company focused on harnessing the power of naturally occurring, beneficial micro organisms for use in a variety of product offerings for agricultural and environmental applications.

At Biodyne USA, we leverage close to 30 years of R&D to deliver innovative biological products. Our products are made in the USA and consist of 100% natural, highly diverse, proprietary microbial teams with proven beneficial capabilities providing economical solutions to a variety of Environmental applications and Agricultural production systems and our technologies are used on millions of acres every year!

The main goal of Biodyne USA is to promote the usefulness of the biological and sustainable approach for solving problems related to the environment. We are an innovative business intent on harnessing naturally occurring beneficial microbes along with complimentary technologies for use in various environmental applications. We offer products that provide economical and permanent solutions to many of today’s environmental issues.

Biodyne isolates and evaluates beneficial bacteria and fungi for desirable environmental capabilities. Naturally occurring microbes are screened and selected for their special degradation or stimulation capabilities. Promising strains are assembled into products that can have a beneficial impact on the environment. Biodyne isolates and produces its own microbes that are not genetically modified, and safe around plants and animals. Used alone or when pairing the microbial blends with other specialized technologies have resulted in successful projects and sustainable systems around the globe

What is the Biodyne difference? Our Approach.